Reviews on Dash Cams and Security Uses

One of the best security features you can have for your car is no longer an alarm, but a dash cam. There are many reasons for this and in this article I am going to discuss all of them and more.

Hit and Run Incidents

Let’s say for example you are driving down the road and someone cuts you off. In some cases they may damage your car or even cause you to spin out of control. When this happens you have no time to even think about getting a plate number as you’re in a state of shock and just trying to maintain control of your vehicle. If the culprit did some damage and drives off, without capturing that with a dash cam is going to give you some headaches. Sure, your insurance company will cover the damages either way, but it’s always best to have your insurance go after the other party. This will ensure that your rates don’t go up.

In this case if you had a dash cam, there’s a very high probability that the license plate of the offender was recorded, along with the event. This footage automatically gets captured and stored in the dash cam’s memory card. This data would then be presented to your insurance agency for investigation. You should also report this to the police as well as they may request to view the footage.


So your car is parked and someone decides to do some damage. Back in the day if there were security cams in the perimeter, there’s a chance for identification. Unfortunately these security cams aren’t at the right angle to capture the identity of the culprit. With a dash cam that has motion detection, the offender should be easily recorded and without his or her knowledge.

Offenders of this type range from jealousy or a crazy ex. These are two of the most popular reasons for damaging a parked vehicle.

Other Accidents or Incidents

Besides other cars or people doing damage to your car, a dash cam could be used to capture some kind of event which could later be used for evidence. Whether this affects you or not, it could help with other investigations that would not necessarily be solved without any video footage. Take a look at the video below how a plane lost control and crashed on a highway – all caught with a dash cam.

In Conclusion

If your car is not equipped with a dash cam, it’s probably time to invest in one if you are at all concerned with might or might not happen. Since there are plethora of dash cams available, it’s best to get a review on them and you can check out this dash cam review website. Dash cams are relatively inexpensive but can range from around $50 upward to a few hundred. Make a wise choice based on features and your budget.